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Run by resident cat dad Freddie, Carefree Cat Co. wants to help you keep your cat healthy and happy. With the support of the amazing brothers Berlioz & Binx – the real owners of the blog.

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Cat Breeds

Learn how to make sure you know your breed and how best to look after them for maximum happiness.

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Cat Health

Keep your cat healthy and out of harm's way. Cats will love you for it.

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Cat Food

What can and can't my cat's eat? What is best for themat different points in their lives? We teach you the simple facts.

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Cat Fun

Keeping your cat entertained is crucial to their overall happiness.


Meet My Cats

Berlioz and Binx are two tough customers, here is what they have to say about me.

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Freddie feeds me every day. I can't really ask for too much more. That's all I need him for. If he could stop taking me to the vets that would be great.

Binx, UK

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I was quite nervous at first , but Freddie won me round. I absolutely love how warm he leaves my computer chair.

Berlioz, UK

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