How To Stop Cats Scratching Carpet

cat scratching carpet
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Have you tried just about everything possible but can’t seem to get your cat to stop scratching the carpet? Wondering how to stop cats scratching carpet in every room? We understand your frustration! While cats are certainly cute they can bring about plenty of damage to our homes. If you’ve had enough of your cat scratching carpet areas and you’ve tried just about everything, you’re in the right place.

Below, we’ll talk you through exactly what you can do to prevent your cat from scratching and ruining carpets. Though you might have a scratching post already located in your house, there is much more that you can do to make sure your cat stops scratching!

Why do Cats Scratch Carpets and Upholstery?

Whether you’ve been woken in the middle of the night by scratching on your carpet or you’re used to hoovering up bits of claws, it can be useful to know why cats scratch in the first place. Cats scratching is a form of exercise for them, allowing them to stretch their bodies and extend their nails. When a cat uses its claws to scratch they are essentially removing the outer nail sheath to grow new nails. It is important for a cat to keep their claws sharp as this is how they climb and catch prey in the wild.

how to stop cats scratching carpet
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So, when you ask yourself next why do cats scratch furniture? You’ll know exactly why. This is a natural behaviour to cats and shouldn’t be punishable. However, there are ways in which you can stop your cat clawing carpet in your home as we’ll come on to show you…

How to Stop a Cat From Scratching the Carpet

Finally! The part of the article where you learn how to put an END to your cat scratching the carpet in your home. There are many different solutions and we’ve been sure to list all of them below for you. Read on if you are looking for ways to stop your cat from clawing at your carpet. Here are your answers to: What Can I Do to Stop My Cat From Scratching My Furniture and Carpets?

Keep Your Kitty Content

This may seem obvious, but keeping your cat happy is going to scratch less. Not only do cats scratch as a form of exercise but they also do so when anxious or stressed. Consider your cat’s environment, have they recently moved, or have some changes took place? If so, you may need to pay extra attention to your cat’s wellbeing and do everything you can to keep them settled and relaxed.

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Add a horizontal scratching pad

Many cat owners will buy a vertical standing cat stand as they believe this to be the best scratching post for a kitty. However, there are many different scratching posts to choose from to stop a cat from clawing at carpets. All cats have their own preferences when it comes to scratching. Some cats like to scratch a horizontal post while others like to stand upright. To stop a cat from scratching your carpet try a horizontal post which will be level with your carpet for your cat.

Remove temptations

Does your cat have one corner of carpet he or she enjoys scratching If so, you may want to consider covering it up temporarily until your cat learns not to scratch that part of the carpet? Make sure to keep something secure on top, or even rearrange your furniture to do this in the living room for example. Your kitty won’t be able to access the place where they’d usually scratch with their claws which will help resolve the problem.

stopping cat from scratching carpet
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Add multiple scratching trees and pads

If you don’t already have a scratching post in your home, consider adding more to help your kitty understand where they should be scratching. We recommend having at least one in a room where your cat frequents. Many cats resort to scratching furniture and upholstery when they can’t find a suitable scratching post to exercise or stretch.

Create a Scratch Friendly Space

A great way to encourage your cat to keep scratching to one area and away from the carpets it to set up a dedicated area. You should put a couple of different scratching post designs in the space and perhaps a tatty old piece of upholstery for your cat to dig his claws into.

Cover up the spot where your cat scratches

As mentioned, an efficient way of stopping your cat from scratching the carpet is to remove the area. If your carpet is already damaged consider getting rid of it altogether and replacing it with laminate flooring for example.

cat scratching carpet
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Infuse the area with scent

‘Cat scratching carpet’, is this a familiar term you search on Google? Cats will return to their favourite scratching spots a lot of the time based on their own scent that they’ve left behind in the area. Use a feline plug-in pheromone product such as Feliway where your cat scratches. These friendly pheromones can make a cat believe that the area has already been marked with a scent.

Consider your cat’s anxiety level

Many cats can suffer from anxiety, particularly when their daily routine or their environment. If your cat is scratching more than usual and they don’t usually, it’s always a good idea to consider that they may be anxious. If you’re concerned, take your cat to the vets who will be able to determine whether their behavior is anything to be worried about yourself.

how to stop cat from scratching carpet
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Do Scratch Posts and Mats help reduce Cats from scratching carpet?

Yes, cat scratching posts and mats will teach your cat that they have dedicated areas when they need to scratch. Your cat may take a few days to get used to using a cat scratching post, but once they have become familiar they should stop scratching carpeted and upholstered surfaces.

You can buy many different types of cat scratching posts from natural tree trunks to a vertical surface covered in tough fabric. Scratching pads are essential for a cat’s wellbeing and shouldn’t be skimped on, make sure that your feline friend has at least a couple of posts or a dedicated cat scratching carpet in the house.

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Reduce the Damage Done by Cat Claws

When you buy proper scratching products for your cat to claw at you’ll reduce the likeliness of a cat scratch on your carpet. There are plenty of different materials that are used for the surface of posts for a cat to scratch. Corrugated cardboard is pretty common as is wood which both provides a tough surface to help trim cat’s claws naturally.

Take Care of Your Cats Health and Well-being

Most importantly, if you do notice your cat behaving out of character or scratching more often, it’s a good idea to monitor their wellbeing. Felines can be sensitive to change and require all of their needs to be met to ensure that they’re happy.

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If you suspect that your cat may need more surfaces in the house to scratch, don’t waste any time buying products to help. If you’re very concerned or your cat is showing any other strange behaviours, be sure to get a vet check as soon as possible. Scratching may be a sign that something is wrong with your cat that requires attention.

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