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Siamese Cats

Extremely beautiful and elegant, charismatic and very intelligent, possibly originating from the times of King of Siam… May we present you – the Siamese cat!

If you ever saw a creature from this particular breed, you probably noticed the depth of those blue eyes and the smooth and glossy texture of the coating… Very active, playful, smart, and super talkative, a Siamese cat would make a perfect family member for those who enjoy challenges and hold a high energy level!

Further below you will find multiple facts and details about the Siamese cat breed. We have listed all of them in one place so it would be easier for you to discover all the relevant information:

  • Siamese cat appearance and characteristics
  • Siamese cat personality and temperament
  • Siameses’ intelligence
  • The history of Siamese cats
  • Grooming a Siamese
  • What to expect when keeping a Siamese?
  • How big does a Siamese cat get?
  • What do Siamese cats eat?
  • How long does a Siamese live?
  • Can a Siamese cat be kept together with other pets?
  • How much does a Siamese cat cost?
siamese cat eyes
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Siamese cat appearance and characteristics

The light blue eyes of a Siamese cat are probably one of the most exclusive features of this breed! Besides them, these animals have an eye-catching appearance overall. The extraordinary coloration of the coating is another characteristic very pleasant for the eye.

The body of a Siamese cat usually comes in a light color such as cream or white. Continuously, the feet, ears, and tail of this animal are much darker than the body. The point coloring can be in different shades of brown (e.g. chocolate), bluish, gray, and sometimes lilac.

If you try to pet a Siamese, you will notice that the fur is very smooth and silky. However, that’s not all that you can feel. These cats usually have medium-sized muscular and very strong bodies that accompany them while climbing and jumping. The legs of such an animal are thin and long with small rounded paws.

Furthermore, Siameses also have medium-sized heads that are very proportional to their bodies. Ear size can vary from larger ones to medium, they are wide and upright. To add, these cats have elegant and long tails that are a little bit pointy at the end.

siamese cat personality
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Siamese cat personality and temperament

If you are ready to welcome a Siamese to your family and house, be prepared for endless fun and… talks. These pets are extremely talkative. They can meow, yowl, purr, and make other funny noises whenever they are feeling like communicating with you. So, silence my old friend, time to say goodbye again…

Additionally, Siameses are very needy for attention. Don’t forget to shower your pet with love once in a while or it will provoke you to do so! If you are an attentive and loving owner, you will definitely see the warm feelings that your Siamese friend has developed for you too.

These creatures are very social ones, so they will always crave a human being near them and will start to feel very lonely if left alone for a long period of time. If you are a person with a busy time schedule but still want to own a Siamese, we advise getting another cat for companionship.

Despite the mentioned personality traits, a Siamese cat is also a very active animal and has a high energy level. What you should definitely do here is include playtime with your Siamese in your daily schedule. If your cat gets bored and doesn’t have where to release its energy throughout the day, you will probably not avoid zoomies at night…

laying down siamese cat
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Siameses’ intelligence

This particular breed holds cats that stand out with their high intelligence. Siameses are very smart pets, so you shouldn’t get disappointed while trying to teach your cat some tricks. We are not only talking about things such as recognizing its own name or coming when the word “food” is said.

There are so many tricks that you can teach your Siamese and be surprised by what a fast learner your beloved one is! For example, fetch and bring back, giving a high-five, walking on a leash, etc. You can also try different commands and use clickers to ease the training process.

The history of Siamese cats

Let’s start here with a legend! It is up to you will you believe it or not as no one nowadays really knows if this is a made-up story or a true fact…

A long time ago lived the King of Siam (Thailand) who worshipped Siamese creatures for their unique and extremely beautiful appearance. However, this is not the only reason why the king surrounded himself with these cats. The solid and muscular bodies of Siameses also made them perfect guards.

Several cats were set out on multiple columns around the throne where the King of Siam sat. If the Siameses ever felt at least a small threat to their king, they would immediately jump down from their columns straight onto the threatener and press him to the ground. The cats also didn’t avoid scratching the enemy’s face with their sharp claws if there was a need for that.

This might be a legend but the refined elegance and fit body build of the Siamese cat makes us believe that it might be somewhat true… However, if getting back to substantiated facts, the Siamese breed was first discovered in Thailand and didn’t leave the country until the end of the 19th century.

At that time, the current United States president Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife received the extraordinary Siamese cat as a gift. This particular breed was recognized some years after the start of the 20th century by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

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Grooming a Siamese

As you should have already noticed, the fur of a Siamese cat is short and smooth which means that it is easy to take care of. This type of coating doesn’t require that much care as long-haired cats do. 

However, you should still groom your Siamese from time to time to remove all of the unnecessary hairs and make the coating silkier and shinier. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t brush your cat more than once a week because excessive grooming can cause spot-based boldness.

Also, try to pick a brush that includes round ends as sharp endings can accidentally damage the skin or at least make it more sensitive (in a bad way) to touch. To add, you can choose between brushes and combs regarding which is comfier to use.

Continuously, if you allow your Siamese to go outside, make sure that you check your cat’s fur for fleas and ticks every time when it returns. Furthermore, take a look at the cat’s ears once in a while. If you see any dark brown wax in them, it might be a sign of ear mites.

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What to expect when keeping a Siamese?

Expectations, expectations… You can expect one thing and get the opposite, right? That’s why it is very important to gather all valuable information before adopting any kind of pet. Talking about Siameses, these animals are a better fit for people who are highly active and aren’t too sensitive to sounds.

As we have already mentioned, such pets are full of energy and love to talk often that can be found disturbing by some people. However, if you are devoted to playing games with your Siamese and don’t mind responding to its meows, you probably have chosen the right companion!

Continuously, a Siamese cat is a needy animal that will beg for attention. Even though this creature might cry for love, it doesn’t forget to show some for its owner! You will definitely be able to enjoy cozy lap times, warm cuddles, and soft purrs while owning a Siamese.

Also, don’t forget that each pet is different and can come with its own personality traits and temperament despite the features that are most common for a particular breed. It is best to let your cat win your heart step by step in its own way. However, still don’t forget to set boundaries if you don’t want to raise a naughty one.

siamese cats
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Siamese cat popular facts

Want to learn even more about the Siamese cat breed? Keep reading and find out the most popular FAQs about these creatures!

How big does a Siamese cat get?

Siameses are cats that don’t stand out with their body length and weight. They are medium-sized cats where the males grow bigger than the females (like in most cat breeds). Siameses are usually 38-51 cm long and weigh anywhere from 3 to 6 kgs.

Talking about the weight, Siamese cats can even be called to belong to the smaller side. However, I guess this is just a benefit. You will be able to lift your pet easier! Also, the medium size overall doesn’t require purchasing huge transportation boxes for your pet. You might be able to save some money here!

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What do Siamese cats eat?

Like all cats, Siameses are built to consume meat and fish-related meals. Keep all the salads, bell peppers, carrots, and other similar carbs for your hamster or guinea pig. The biggest part of your cat’s diet needs to consist of high-quality protein such as beef, turkey, fish, etc.

Mentioning dry food, the diet might differ a little bit while talking about young Siamese kittens and adult ones. If you own a cat that is only a few months old, you need to ensure that its meals include enough protein and fat for growth promotion.

If your Siamese cat is already a grown-up, you should look for dry food that includes a lot of protein, some fat, and fiber. Also, it is important that your pet gets all the needed minerals and vitamins, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Protein is responsible for repairing tissues such as skin, muscles, also fur, and claws. Fat is needed for more energy and hormone production where fiber makes the digestion process smoother. Also, a few carbs in food won’t hurt your cat as this element also provides power to the animal’s body.

Mixing dry food with wet food is always a good idea because wet meals include more water which assures that your cat stays properly hydrated even if it is drinking less water. However, the most important thing is the right dosage for your cat to stay healthy and not get obese.

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How long does a Siamese live?

The lifespan of any cat strongly depends on the pet’s diet, fitness level, and health condition overall. Talking about this current breed, it is known that Siamese cats live somewhere from 8 to 15 years. 

However, there are some health conditions that are linked to the Siamese cat breed. If you are looking forward to owning such a pet, you should get introduced to all the diseases and physical disabilities that might occur.

  • Physical abnormalities.

There are some physical disabilities that are linked to the Siamese cat breed. These animals can genetically develop a twisted tail and crossed eyes. However, this is how some of the Siameses are born and medical attention is not required here.

  • Head shape-induced risks.

Of course, Siamese cats are extremely gorgeous animals but have you ever heard the phrase that “beauty requires sacrifices”? It might really fit this situation. Due to the unique head shape of some Siameses, they are more likely to experience respiratory problems and periodontal diseases. 

  • Visual issues.

Despite the genetic cross-eye condition, Siamese cats might develop some visual diseases while leading a grown-up life. These pets are more vulnerable to glaucoma and retinal atrophy that can lead to partial or total vision loss.

  • Other problems.

During their lives, Siameses can also develop various heart problems. Also, when these cats age they might experience bladder issues due to stones.

NOTE: All or some of the mentioned conditions and health problems can affect a Siamese cat but it doesn’t mean that every animal from this breed is cursed to get ill. If you own a Siamese, never skip regular vet visits, take required tests, pay attention to changes in behavior in order to ensure the highest health quality for your pet.

sleeping siamese cats
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Can a Siamese cat be kept together with other pets?

Siamese cats are not aggressive animals overall. However, how it will go for two pets to communicate often depends on their personalities. Every animal is at least a little bit different nevermind the fact that they might even come from the same breed.

Although you can definitely try introducing your Siamese cat to another pet, you should do it slowly and patiently. Let the two of them sniff each other as much as they need and don’t push them to interact. Rushing things can make the introduction process more difficult.

Also, it would be best to introduce the two animals when they are still in their young days (3-4 months) as the chances to bond for them are the highest during such an age. Two kittens of the same age can even become inseparable.

siamese cat images
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How much does a Siamese cat cost?

If you are searching for a companion in the Siamese cat breed, you can expect the price of your beloved one to be anywhere between £200 and £2,000. Getting your pet from a shelter instead of a breeder directly can significantly lower the price.

In other cases, the cost often depends on the age of the kitten, sex, and coating color. If you are interested in some type of a specific look, you will supposedly have to pay more. Still, this is just where the expenditure starts. You will need to have more savings for regular vet visits and the cat’s equipment.

Make sure to get your pet vaccinated as it is very important for its health and allows it to avoid some bad diseases. The vaccines usually cost somewhere around £80. Also, think about getting your cat neutered (especially males) if you want to avoid spraying. This procedure can cost £30-£40 for males and about £10 more for females.

Furthermore, you will need some high-quality food for your cat, feeding and drinking bowls, litter and a litter box, bedding, interesting toys, hair combs or brushes, nail clippers, and other things. Don’t forget to count your earnings and think if you can afford all of this equipment and the cat itself.

siamese kittens
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We have come to the end of this article and we are very happy to have introduced you to the Siamese breed! These cats are truly exotic creatures with interesting personalities and it is very hard not to fall for them… Do you agree?