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Ragdoll Cats

Have you ever wished for a cat with a completely balanced personality? Playful but not overactive. Friendly and loving but not too needy for attention. Might greet the owner with some meows but won’t scream at his face at night. Generously smart. Sufficiently resistant to the changes in surroundings. This time you will be reading about the fascinating Ragdoll cat breed that stands out with blue eyes and a long soft coating with pointed patterns.

  • Ragdoll appearance and characteristics
  • Ragdoll cat personality and temperament
  • Ragdoll cat intelligence
  • The history of Ragdolls
  • Grooming a Ragdoll
  • What can you expect while owning a Ragdoll?
  • How big do Ragdoll cats get?
  • What do Ragdoll cats eat?
  • How long do Ragdolls live?
  • Can you keep a Ragdoll cat with other pets?
  • How much does a Ragdoll cost?

Ragdoll appearance and characteristics

We can’t hesitate to start describing the appearance of a Ragdoll cat from its eyes. They come in the shape of an oval, are big and wide. Once you look into the eyes of a Ragdoll, you will see that they are the same colour as the sky. Light blue eyes are one of the main features of this breed.

To continue, the coating of a Ragdoll cat is also very beautiful and unique. These animals have long plush hair that is very pleasant to touch due to its softness. Also, a Ragdoll’s coating includes a layer of undercoat that allows the cat to stay warm even during harsh weather conditions.

Speaking about the color, the fur itself usually is very light, e.g. white or cream. Also, it includes pointed patterns that can be seen on the tail, face, or legs. The points can come in various different colors and shades. However, the most popular ones are gray, bluish, lilac, and chocolate. 

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An interesting fact about Ragdoll cats is that they mature slowly and their coating might reach its final length and color only at the age of three years old! Imagine adopting a 3-4 month old Ragdoll kitten. Wouldn’t it be interesting to wait and see into what types of coat color and pointed patterns it will grow up to?!

Ragdolls have heavy-boned bodies that are generously big and long, muscular and well-toned. Female cats can sometimes grow smaller than Ragdoll males. Furthermore, this breed has large and round heads that can look even wider due to the fluffy coating surrounding them.

The ears of a Ragdoll cat are proportional to its head, wide-set, and include rounded tips at the end. Talking about the tail, it is a long one with fluffy hairs. Also, Ragdoll legs are medium-sized where the back ones tend to be heavier, with rounded and tufted paws.

Ragdoll cat personality and temperament

A friendly, devoted, and loving pet, this is what you can call a Ragdoll. It gets emotionally tied to its owner very fast and expresses warm feelings with soft purrs, cuddles, kisses, and some meows when greeting its human after work (just don’t get me wrong here, Ragdolls aren’t noisy creatures).

Nevertheless, Ragdolls seem to be very friendly not only to their owners but also to young children and other pets. These cats are definitely not aggressive creatures and can get along with other animals and people. A Ragdoll is a great choice for those who are expecting to own a family cat.

Furthermore, Ragdoll cats are very docile creatures, so you can teach them not to jump on the tables, counters, not to get into your food, and not to do other annoying things that most cats do. This way you will be able to spare some hours by doing less cleaning work after your pet.

Also, Ragdolls are hardy animals that can adjust to fast-moving environments better than some others. They might not be that sensitive to changes in the weather condition (especially when it’s cold). All in all, Ragdolls rarely ever grow into pampered cats.

To add, the activity level of a Ragdoll cat is not very high but this doesn’t mean that you have to let your pet lay all the time. In fact, Ragdolls truly enjoy playtime, and spending some time with your pet playing will not only let your cat be more energetic but will also strengthen the bond between you two.

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Ragdoll cat intelligence

This particular breed includes highly-intelligent cats which means that you might get a curious fast learner. Pets who tend to have a higher intelligence level can get used to specific commands and tricks faster than those who are not that clever. You can make playtime sessions even more interesting by teaching your cat some tricks!

Don’t know where to start from? You can begin with an easy one such as “sit”. If needed, get a clicker (or clicking pen) to help you and try training your cat by giving the command “sit”, using the clicker when your pet obeys the command, and rewarding it with a tasty treat afterward.

The history of Ragdolls

It is not very clear when the first cat from the Ragdoll breed appeared, however, there are some speculations that this particular breed was created in the middle of the 20th century by Ann Baker. The goal of this woman was to obtain a cat that is both beautiful from the outside and has a gentle personality.

The mother cat of the Ragdoll breed was completely white and called Josephine. Baker bred domestic cats with hair of medium length. This experiment gave positive results only tens of years later when the first real Ragdoll cat was created. The Cat Fanciers Association started recognizing Ragdolls as a true breed at the end of the 20th century.

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Grooming a Ragdoll

Our lovely Ragdolls have long hair that needs to be treated well in order to look glossy, smooth, and healthy. Even though cats themselves spend a lot of time grooming themselves, that isn’t enough for proper care of their coating. 

In order to avoid excessive shedding and tangles in the fur, you have to brush or comb your Ragdoll cat daily. Also, check your pet’s skin thoroughly for any possible rashes or damaged areas. They can be hard to find in such long and thick fur!

If you let your Ragdoll go outside once in a while, you will have to do regular coat and skin check-ups every time your pet returns home. There is a high risk of catching fleas from another cat outside or getting ticks while wandering in long grass areas.

To add, don’t forget to check your cat’s ears from time to time. Take a look at the insides and search for ear wax. If you discover an excessive amount of dark brown wax, it might be a sign of ear mites and your cat will need special treatment.

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What can you expect while owning a Ragdoll?

Love. Yes, you can expect love from your Ragdoll cat. These pets are extremely sweet and friendly, so they can make great companions for people of all types of ages. In our opinion, a Ragdoll is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an equal combination of playfulness and calmness.

Ragdolls aren’t overactive cats but they aren’t lazy not moving lumps either. These cats love playing with attractive toys and their owners but they rarely get so active that you would see them zooming from one room to another without a purpose. Also, Ragdolls are very docile cats, so you can teach them not to mess up rooms.

Another thing you can expect while owning a Ragdoll is that it will let out a couple of greeting or attention-requiring meows but it will never scream your ears out or start jumping on your head. A Ragdoll is not a needy cat and they are not likely to torture a human’s airs with loud noises.

Continuously, you can expect your Ragdoll to become a great family member or a companion for your other cat/dog. These cats are very friendly and non-aggressive. They will supposedly look at new family members with curiosity and bond with them in no time, even if a child appears in the family.

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Informative answers to FAQs about the Ragdoll cat breed

Want to learn more about Ragdolls? Interested in some specific facts about this cat breed? Keep reading to find out answers to some FAQs that we have discovered!

How big do Ragdoll cats get?

The weight and length of a Ragdoll cat can differ from one pet to another. However, you are most likely to see your beloved one grow into a 4-10 kg adult. The length of such a cat can be anywhere from 40 to 50 cm. 

Neither large nor small, a Ragdoll cat seems to be the perfect size for an inside pet. Do you agree? Note that males can get a little bit bigger than females, however, you always have to pay attention to your pet’s diet and activity level so that it doesn’t exceed its weight limit and get obese.

What do Ragdoll cats eat?

It has been noticed that Ragdolls often eat larger portions of food than other animals from the cat family. You should always give your cat highly-satisfying food for it to feel fuller. However, I’m not talking about all types of food additives such as sugar or other carbs. You should avoid food that has a high amount of these elements.

Carbohydrates in a Ragdoll’s diet should take no more than 2-5% of space as cats are protein lovers. Meat (also organs) and fish should be the main products in your pet’s food and for at least 60% of it. 30% of cat food should contain fat as it is very satisfying and the remaining part should include required vitamins.

Furthermore, some cats are just not likely to drink as much water as others. If your Ragdoll doesn’t consume enough liquids, it can get dehydrated or highly constipated. For this not to happen, you should include some wet food in your pet’s diet plan. This way you will be sure that your cat receives a big amount of required liquids through its meals.

Talking about the things you should avoid giving your cat, there definitely are some. These pets shouldn’t get any carbs such as grains, vegetables, sweets, especially chocolate as it can poison a cat. Continuously, don’t feed your Ragdoll cat food that is high in sodium, and consider avoiding milk as cats can have problems with their digestive system after consuming this product.

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How long do Ragdolls live?

This is a question that seems to be very important for all cat owners. Who doesn’t want their pets to live as long as possible?! Even though we have to make it up with the fact that the lifespan of a cat is not as long as a human’s, this doesn’t mean that we can’t try to extend it by helping your beloved one to lead a healthy life!

Ragdolls are healthy cats overall and tend to live somewhere for 12 to 17 years. However, you should always be aware of your cat’s physical state. If you spot any symptoms of specific diseases or even just changes in behavior, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately. 

Treat your cat properly – feed it well-balanced daily meals, get it vaccinated, complete neutering, help it to keep a generous activity level, etc. Also, you should get introduced to a specific condition that some Ragdoll cats might inherit:

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a heart disease that, in fact, affects all types of cats from different breeds. When a cat receives this condition, its heart walls start to thicken, and the organ struggles to pump blood.

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Can you keep a Ragdoll cat with other pets?

Yes, you can! There is no problem if you want to own more than one cat or you have decided to make a dog your family member. Ragdolls are known to be very friendly and gentle, so they almost always get along with other animals easily.

However, you should be aware that every cat is different nevermind the breed it comes from. For some, the introduction process can take more time than for others. If you see that your cat is struggling to make friends with your other pet, don’t rush the process and things will solve on their own soon!

A piece of advice would be to introduce your Ragdoll and the other pet when they are both young and at a similar age (e.g. 3-4 months). Two kittens or animals are more likely to create a stronger bond once they meet each other in their early months. 

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How much does a Ragdoll cost?

The price for a Ragdoll cat can vary a lot and you should definitely take a look at your budget. You don’t want to spend all of your money on a pet that you will not be able to raise financially, do you? 

You can get a little Ragdoll kitten for a price of around £300. However, if you are looking for a fancy show-quality cat, you might have to even pay up to £1500. Get to know your expectations, take a look at your financial state, and it might be easier for you to make a decision.

More importantly, you should know about the additional expenditure that your Ragdoll cat WILL require. If you are going to raise an animal, raise it responsibly. This means vaccinating your cat that can cost anywhere from £70 to £90, neutering that can be around £30 or £50 depending on the sex of the pet.

Furthermore, you will need to have some spare money in case your cat suddenly gets sick and requires a visit to the vet, for specific procedures (e.g. an operation), medicine. Also, don’t forget cat food and equipment such as bedding, litter, litter box, a brush, cat toys, nail scratchers, and other things that these pets require.

Since you have already been introduced to the sweet, friendly, and gorgeous Ragdoll cat, you have started wanting one, are we right? The charms of this animal have definitely left us fascinated…