best cat bed

Best Cat Beds for 2023

It is no secret that cats love their sleep – about 16 hours a day of it, to be precise! Because sleeping is a pretty serious business for cats, they need the best cat beds to make sure that they are as comfy and cosy as possible while resting. Figuring out which bed is the …

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best kitten toys

Best Kitten Toys for 2023

We all know that kittens are cute active balls of adorable fur – but do we all know how to provide them with the right mental and physical stimulation? Cat toys are designed to really play to a cats natural hunting instinct. A solid variety of toys with plenty of activity can make for a …

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most popular cat breed

Most Popular Cat Breeds in 2023

Nearly 43 million American households have a cat, and the U.S. is home to the world’s most extensive domestic feline population. It’s safe to say that many people love cats. Cats have a long history with people. Traced back to ancient Egypt, where the African wild cat became domesticated, cat breeds rose in popularity as …

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cat toys

Best Cat Toys for 2023

Cat toys offer a fun way for you to bond with your feline friend. Cat toys are also useful to keep a cat entertained while you’re not around or at home. However, you might wonder what makes the best cat toy? Below, we’ll cover some of the best options to keep your indoor cat happy. …

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why does my cat lick me

Why does my cat lick me?

*Cat meows*. Little paws come towards you, jump on your lap and here it goes. You feel that rough and spiky tongue rubbing against your cheek again. At this moment you are probably thinking “why does my cat lick me so much?” I know it might look confusing to you at first but don’t worry, …

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london cat village 2

London Cat Village

The London Cat Village was an incredible cat cafe that allowed you to enjoy the sweet taste of coffee whilst surrounded by beautiful kittys. This spot was simply billed as a ‘cafe with cats’ – which is you love cats is an absolutely perfect way to spend your Sunday morning. These kinds of places are …

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