Best Kitten Toys for 2023

best kitten toys
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We all know that kittens are cute active balls of adorable fur – but do we all know how to provide them with the right mental and physical stimulation?

Cat toys are designed to really play to a cats natural hunting instinct.

A solid variety of toys with plenty of activity can make for a seriously happy kitten – and who wouldn’t want that?

Below, we’ll be taking a look at the best kitten toys to keep your kitten entertained and happy, whether you’re providing the fun or you’re at work. We have something for every cat!

The Best Way to Pick Kitten Toys:

As with many pets, kittens need to be stimulated mentally and physically. They require exercise and daily activities.

Choosing the right toys can help you achieve this and a happy, contented kitten!

It isn’t just all about the kitten. Playing with your furry friend helps to create a truly wonderful bond between you – this is priceless.

You can go about choosing the right toy for your kitten in a number of ways. However, to save you the trouble, we’ve put together a few questions you can ask yourself before buying the toys.

  • Who is the toy made by and are they reliable?
  • Could the toy break apart easily and are there any small parts?
  • Is there a chance my kitten could choke on this toy?
  • Will my kitten hurt their mouth and gums on the toy?
  • Does my kitten have a good range of toys? Enough to chase, snuggle and chew on?

By following these questions you’ll find the right toys to keep your kitten happy – even into adulthood!

Best Interactive Kitten Toy Options:

Interactive toys can provide the fun when you’re not around or available so it’s always good to have a few ready needed!

Self-rotating Ball

Providing your kitten with the chase it desires! This ball will grab your kittens attention and keep it! Not only that, it’s a smart ball so it automatically changes directions and switches off after every 40 minutes to give your kitten time to recharge!

kitten toy 1
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Windmill toy

This windmill comes with so many benefits! It works as a toothbrush, a scratcher, helps to train, improves the cats IQ and relieves anxiety.

This toy has so many different features, it is bound to appeal to almost any kitten!

Not only that, it’s a real treat watching your cat enjoy playing with them!

kitten toy 2
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Best Chew Toy Options

Chew toys are something you often associate with dog toys but cats need them too! Cover them in catnip and your kitten will be all over them!

Fish toys

Some of the best cat toys are those that involve food – I’m sure your cat will agree! With a nice dose of catnip, your kitten will get hours of fun from moving chew toys.

The battery is rechargeable, so your cat will keep coming back for more!

kitten toy 3
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Catnip Sticks

These are the completely natural treats that can help keep your kittens dental health in check. All whilst providing them with a nice little food treat!

The ideal treats to be given three times a week – your cat will love them so much, I’m sure they’ll remind you when they deserve one!

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Bouncy toy options for your kitten

Bouncy Balls

Balls aren’t just for dogs!

Bouncy balls can provide your pets with hours of entertainment – you too!

The great thing about these balls is their shape, they are designed to bounce in any direction. This appeals to cats as it provides them with the fun game of trying to catch them, not knowing where they’re going!

Pompom Balls

The tactile nature of these balls is what will first pique your kittens’ interest.

Then once they’re interested, the soft, playful material will keep them playing with it.

Balls are great for keeping cats busy when they’re on their own but they also work well to build a bond between a cat and human so don’t be afraid to join in!

Our Best Cat Toys

1 . PetTrendz Scratch Chaser

If you want a kitten toy that will keep your feline friend entertained for hours, then look no further than the PetTrendz Scratch Chaser.

A scratcher toy will help to teach where is acceptable for your kitten to sharpen their claws- ideally, this won’t be your furniture!

To entice your kitten to this toy, it comes with a bag of catnip. That’s not everything either!

With this play toy, you also get a ball so your kitten can chase it around the circuit for hours too.

Having two different forms of entertainment in one cat toy is a fantastic solution. Especially if you’re short on space.

kitten toy 5
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2 . KONG Mouse Toy

This mouse toy from Kong will provide hours of stimulation for your kitten.

It can be thrown around as if it’s the real deal and it should withstand everything your kitten throws at it during playtime.

As with so many Kong products, it isn’t just a mouse-shaped toy. It crinkles, teasing your kitten to come and play!

Then it has Kong’s catnip on it too – your kitten simply won’t be able to resist!

The most adorable tales from this toy is that kittens get so attached to it, that they carry it around wherever they go. If that isn’t a seal of approval, I don’t know what is!

kitten toy 6
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3 . SmartyKat Crackle Chute

The cat toy for endless fun, say hello to the SmartyKat Chute.

If you have a litter of kittens to entertain, this becomes even more fun!

The chute gets its ‘crackle’ name due to the crackling noise it makes, and you guessed it, it draws any kitten in.

A great feature of this toy is that it can be folded flat when not in use, helping to keep kitten homes tidy!

kitten toy 7
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4 . KONG Feather Cat Wand Toy

Tapping into your kitties hunting instincts, the KONG feather cat toy builds a bond between cats and humans.

Feather teasing toys are great at keeping kittens and indeed cats, happy for hours.

However, KONG has taken that up a notch, this isn’t your average teaser toy.

It features catnip, crinkle sounds and bright colours – the ultimate wand toy!

kitten toy 8
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5 . LED Light Pointer

A cat makes a good pet but there’s no getting away from their hunting instinct. In fact, it’s good to let it out during the fun time.

It burns off a huge amount of energy and your cats will learn when they can and can’t behave like that.

An LED pointer will see your cat jump around and give chase to the light.

I’m a big fan of this type of toy for cats, it brings out their natural playful side in a safe activity.

kitten toy 9
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6 . Upsky Roller Toy

The best kitten toys can stand up to a big of roughhousing – this cat toy from Upsky certainly can!

With four different levels, this toy is like a full-blown activity centre for your kitten (it’s also very adorable)!

This cat toy works well for people who are leaving their cats at home as it provides hours of fun, without the need for any human interaction.

Plenty of colourful balls on every level, your pet will love this tower!

kitten toy 10
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7 . Spring Coils Cat Toy

A simple yet very effective use. Spring coils will ‘spring’ into action when prompted by your pet, bringing them to life.

The unpredictable nature of these ones makes them such an attractive solution.

Remember a cat enjoys chasing something that’s a challenge and springs certainly fill that bill!

kitten toy 11
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Common Questions on Kitten Toys:

What do kittens like to play with the most?

Just like cats, kittens like to play with things that move, that’s why mice are so attractive for them.

A toy that is unpredictable and quick in the way it moves is ideal for a cat or kitten.

A kitten can be taken with toys that reflect light and change in different ways too.

Cat toys that have multiple textures and are similar in size to their natural prey will excite them and get them interested.

Initially, a kitten may be scared of a squeaky toy but they can grow to love them. The best thing to do is to introduce this type of play slowly so your kitten gets used to it.

Catnip toys can be a great way to get your kitten interested. Catnip works around 50% of the time so potentially a good option!

The thing to keep in mind is that kittens can become disinterested with toys so it’s always good to have a few different ones on hand to keep things fresh and interesting.

How do I keep my cat entertained while at work?

Giving your kitten things to play with while you’re out at work is a great way to keep them entertained and out of mischief!

Treasure Hunt – You can create a treasure hunt activity for your kitten. Hiding their favourite food or toys around the house can keep them busy for hours!

Interactive Toys – Finding toys that keep your kitten engaged is important. The trick with these toys is not to always have them accessible at all time – only when you’re out of the house. This means that your kitten will find it new and exciting.

Boxes – Simple way to keep your feline friend busy is with boxes – of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be surprised at the spaces kittens can get into!

Items Smelling Of You – Wherever your kittens favourite sleeping spot is, place an item of clothing or towels that smell of you. This can bring the kitten comfort and mean that they rest calmly, waiting for your return!

What are the best toys for indoor cats?

If your cat is an indoor cat, it’s very important to provide them with more stimulation as they won’t get any from outside.

Make use of interactive toys when your cat will be alone.

Any that involve food, do be mindful to account for this when you’re dishing up their dinner. Portion the servings appropriately!

Anything that can build up the affection between you both is great. Teaser toys are fantastic fun for both cat and human!

How many toys do kittens need?

Pet kittens need things to keep fresh and interesting so they do need more than a few toys.

Have certain toys that you only use when you’re not at home, this makes them more fun for your cat and they will get more enjoyment out of them too!

Ideally, 4+ toys will give your cat plenty of choice. Providing they are quite different, you will also make sure that your cat is stimulated both mentally and physically.

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