Best Cat Toys for 2023

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Cat toys offer a fun way for you to bond with your feline friend. Cat toys are also useful to keep a cat entertained while you’re not around or at home. However, you might wonder what makes the best cat toy?

Below, we’ll cover some of the best options to keep your indoor cat happy.

Best Cat Toy List for 2021

Here are some of the top-rated and best cat toys from Amazon.

Wiggle Fish Catnip Toy

For: Hunting Cats

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This cat toy is kitty safe because its made of plushy, non-toxic material to keep your pet safe. It’ll keep your cat entertained and activate their hunting instincts.

When your pet touches it, it flops around like a real fish. This feature makes it turn into a fun and interactive experience for your cat.

Plus, the package comes with a tiny catnip pouch to call your kitty over.

This cat toy is a great way to keep a single cat entertained, and also to stimulate your cat while you’re away. It has an advantage over other catnip cat toys because of how real and funny it looks.


If you have multiple cats, it may be best to opt for other pet toys. You could buy multiples of these fish, but it just might get pricey.

The toy is 11″ long, so it can be unwieldy for a kitty. That doesn’t mean your cat can’t grow into their new toy, though.

Road Cat Scratching Post and Pad

For: Small Spaces

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This scratching post is made small enough to store in your apartment or RV. Some Amazon reviewers even said you could fold the flat side up, making it perfect for storing in a box.

This toy gives pets many fun features to play with, like a scratchy roll, a flat pad, and even a fuzzy ball.

Many cats love it because they can satisfy an itch and whack the fuzzy ball in one stop. It’s entertaining for your pet and keeps them away from scratching your home furniture.

As far as scratching posts go, this is a good all-in-one toy.


If you have multiple cats, this might be made a bit small. It could have benefited from having multiple balls to play with.

Unlike other scratching posts, this one doesn’t give cats anything to climb on. But again, that might be fine if you have a small home space.

Automatic Cat Laser Toy

For: Automated Playing

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This cat toy doubles as a laser pointer and home decor. The feline-like design is really cute, and it turns on when your cats are around it.

The laser pointer has five options for how big its circles can get. That’s a great way to keep your cat exercising for a long time. Plus, it’s fun for more than one cat to play with.

One of the features that make this one of the best cat toys is how silent it is. That detail means you can give your cat a lively laser pointer experience without tiring yourself out, too.


If you want a laser you can use with your hand; this isn’t your best bet. While it’ll keep a kitty entertained all day, it’s not comfortable to use by hand.

The laser needs enough space to move the light around in circles. So, you need to prop it up well in a high place. Maybe see where you can put it in your home before buying it from Amazon.

SlimCat Meal-Dispensing Cat Toy

For: Snacking

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If you want cat toys that will give your pets treats or food on command, this is a great choice. This ball will stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts while satisfying their appetite.

We love that it’s easy to use. You twist off the ball cap and fill it with food. It has adjustable openings for different food sizes, and it can only dispense some at a time. It’s also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

This is one of the best cat toys because it makes getting food fun for your cat. At first glance, it may look like it’s not suitable for exercise. But this toy actually can help your cat slowdown while he eats.

Amazon lets you get two balls for a reasonable price. Altogether, this cat toy is a great way to keep your pet entertained and fed while you work.


If you want a toy to entertain your cat but not feed them, then catnip toys or laser pointers may be better.

Feeding toys make getting food fun for your cat. Still, it’s not the best cat toy for really obese felines.

Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Playground

For: Many Cats

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This is one of the best cat toys if you have more than a single cat. It has features to encourage them to exercise, climb, and play. Extra details like prey and ball toys help encourage your cat’s hunting instincts and keeps them well entertained.

This brand has many different cat trees to choose from, so you can pick a cat toy with unique features that you’re confident will stimulate your feline friend.

We want toys for cats that are easy to clean, especially if we have several cats. Thankfully, Amazon reviewers found this interactive toy easy to wipe down.

This is one of the best cat toys because it combines many features like a box, a ball, and even a prey toy in the same place. Most importantly, your cat will love to play with it.


While this toy is a great way to keep a cat party entertained, it also has a high price tag.

It may be too big for a kitty. In our opinion, big cats that can take tough toys and stay safe will love it the most.

One more thing to consider before you buy this toy is the weight of your cat. Regardless, this is a great option for an active cat.

Mouse Hunter Cat Toy with Catnip

For: Catnip lovers

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As far as catnip toys go, this one is both a teaser and a prey toy. It has an interactive feature with mouse sounds. It doesn’t move automatically, so your cat can play with this toy at their own pace.

This toy will encourage your cat to chase it while lowering stress with the catnip. It can keep even the sleepiest kitty entertained because it looks like a real mouse.

A bonus is that it holds the catnip inside. Catnip is good to attract your cat in at first, and then the squeaks will keep them around.

For an affordable price, your pet will put this toy to good use.


An excited cat may think this toy doesn’t move enough. If your cat needs something more stimulating than a mouse and catnip, you should look at interactive toys that initiate themselves.

Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse

For: Bonding

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Do you need something for days when you want to play with your cat at home? Then a teaser wand is perfect and interactive.

Use this teaser wand to get your cat to exercise or chase it. We like that it works well to make our pets follow us, too.

The mouse on this wand looks real, which makes your cat like it as much as catnip or ball toys. It’s also great for playing as a group with multiple pets.

Essentially, this cat toy is great to bond with your pet, show you love them, and make them associate you with fun.


This cat toy is an exercise for your cat and you. While it’s fun to use, you might get tired while playing. Still, it’s an example of great, interactive cat toys.

Interactive 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball

For: Exercising

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Ball toys are a favorite for cats to play with. We think your pets will love these self-moving balls.

They have a red light that feels like a laser to stimulate your cat. Other toys come with changing colors for pets that love shiny details.

If your cat decides to chase this ball, it might chase them back. That puts on a fun show for you and your pets.

This toy is a self-moving teaser that will keep your cats playing until they tap out.


Be careful if you have more than three cats playing with this toy. We don’t want your feline friends to fight for its attention. Although, some pets may actually bond while they play with this stealthy toy.

Why Should You Buy Cat Toys?

First, let’s look at how indoor cats benefit from toys.

One of the most famous play things for your feline is catnip. Between 50-70% of cats love catnip. These cats have a special gene that makes them feel euphoric when they play with it.

Don’t worry, though. Catnip is not addictive, so any catnip toys you buy are safe for your pet.

Toys that mimic prey well by moving fast are also fun for cats to play with. They help cats feel like they’re hunting, even if they’re indoors.

Most cats sleep around 16 to 20 hours a day. So, a cat toy that helps them get exercise when they’re awake is the perfect way to get your feline to play. Toys that make cats want to chase them around are extra useful to keep your kitty at a healthy weight.

Finally, toys help prevent your cat from feeling bored. Cats that learn how to play with toys and other pets when they’re young grow up to feel confident and well adjusted.

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What Toys Do Cats Like the Most?

It comes down to how big your cat is, how many pets are sharing it, and how old they are.

Generally, prey-sized toys that move abruptly are the most fun for cats. 

They’re also the best because they target the cat hunting instinct, and turn it into the perfect playtime.

Regardless, here is a short list of features that can help you choose the best toy for your feline to play with:

  • Cat trees
  • Fake mice
  • Balls
  • Laser pointers
  • Feathers
  • Teaser wands
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Sometimes, it’s not the toy that’s the focus. If a popular toy isn’t exciting your cat, consider these factors to figure out why:


Some of the best cat toys have boxes to encourage their hiding behaviors. But if the box is suspended, make sure it is made to handle your cat’s weight.


Sometimes, a pet’s age has hidden effects on its habits. For example, a cat less than three months old is too young to respond well to catnip.


Avoid cat toys small enough for your cat to swallow. Sometimes, a toy you can supervise, like a wand, is best so your cat can have safe fun.

Any brand can manufacture a cute pet toy. As long as your pet seems to enjoy it, and you keep your cat entertained, then you have the best toy for them.

As cat lovers, we know that every pet is different. One cat could think something is the perfect toy to play with, while another cat can be more interested in food. However, all these items got some of the best reviews on Amazon. Whichever brand or way you choose, we think it’ll be a great time for you and your cat.

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