Best Cat Beds for 2023

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It is no secret that cats love their sleep – about 16 hours a day of it, to be precise!

Because sleeping is a pretty serious business for cats, they need the best cat beds to make sure that they are as comfy and cosy as possible while resting.

Figuring out which bed is the best for your kitty is not always easy, however.

There are hundreds of options to choose from, and cats are notoriously fussy – so the pressure to find the right one is on! Purchasing the wrong bed means that your cat will either refuse to use it or end up not sleeping properly, which can be a particular issue for older cats or cats with health issues.

To make the search for the best cat bed a little easier, we’ve put together this definitive guide of the best cat beds for you. Whether you are a total beginner and want to know about the different types of cat beds, or just want to find the best of a particular style, we’ve got you covered.

We have everything you and your cat could possibly need, from the best-heated cat beds to a list of things you need to consider when making your decision.

What are the Different Types of Cat Beds?

There are many different types of cat beds which are suited to different cat personalities and breeds.

Before you make a purchase, take a look through what’s available on the market, in order to make sure that you pick one which is perfect for your pet!

Doughnut Cat Beds

Both humans and cats alike can agree that you can’t get much comfier than a doughnut-shaped bed!

Their size and shape can be adjusted according to your kitty and what they prefer. It’s also the perfect bed for cats who don’t like to sleep in enclosed spaces.

With doughnut beds, it is really important to make sure it fits your cat properly. If the bed is too large then your cat will not be able to snuggle up, but if it is too small then they will be uncomfortable and may not be able to sleep, for obvious reasons.

Best Types:

1. LONTG Calming Cat Bed

This bed is perfect for both cats and small dogs, and is cosy and plush as well as being made of durable and resilient materials. the LONTG comes in two different sizes, so if your cat is on the larger side it can still enjoy the snugness of a doughnut bed!

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2. XIAQIU Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

What sets the XIAQIU apart from its competitors is the fact that it works as both a pet mat and a doughnut bed for cats. The bed itself is very comfortable, and perfect for relieving symptoms of joint pain or arthritis in cats.

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Radiator Cat Beds

A radiator cat bed is a good alternative to a heated cat bed, as they provide warmth from both the heating in your home and from the fact that they are raised up from the cold ground.

Cat beds on the floor can often be really uncomfortable for your pet because the chances are that your ground is cold and hard, and who would want to sleep on a surface like that?

Radiator beds clip onto radiators, which provides a sense of security and makes cats feel safe against potential predators.

Best Types:

1. Invero Cat Radiator Bed

This radiator bed is made with a strong and durable metal frame and can be attached easily to your radiator in order to provide your cat with a warm place to sleep. What’s more, the 100% polyester cover is machine washable, so you never have to worry about a build-up of dirt or hygiene issues.

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2. Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

The Rosewood bamboo luxury cat bed is a fairly unique design and is aesthetically appealing as well as very effective. It is made from bamboo slats and eco-fibres, making it easy to keep clean and to maintain. Comfort is not compromised, however: it comes with a padded fur cushion to keep your kitty cosy!

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Window Cat Beds

If you’re after a raised bed for your kitty, but don’t want to clip one onto your radiator, then we recommend you go for a window cat bed.

These beds attach to your windows and give your cat space to sleep, relax, and nap. Like a radiator bed, window beds give your cat a feeling of safety, which comes from their primal needs to be secure from potential predators.

There are a couple of different types of window cat beds, from simple hammocks to high-technology enclosed pods and box beds.

The only possible downside with a window bed is that they have a lower weight capacity than alternatives, due to the fact that they are usually attached by rubber suckers to the window.

Best Types:

1. Afufu Cat Hammock Window Bed

For cats who like lazing around in the sun or sitting up high, the Afufu cat bed is ideal. It can hold up to 10kg and is mounted to the wall with 4 very strong suction cups. The material used in this bed is scratch and bite-resistant and is easy to clean as it is machine washable.

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2. K&H EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod

This particular window bed will provide your cat with a unique experience due to its shape. The suction cups can hold 27kg, making it perfect for larger cats. With the K&H EZ Mount, your cat can look out onto the world and still see you too, thanks to the bubble window feature.

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The Cat Cave Bed

Cat caves are the best cat beds for many, because they provide an enclosed space to sleep in, which lots of cats naturally enjoy.

Cave beds provide a sense of security that more open options do not have. Depending on you and your pet’s preferences, you can find a cave or igloo bed with a soft or hard exterior. With either option, however, you’re guaranteed to have a cosy and soft interior to keep your cat comfortable whilst sleeping.

Cave-style beds can sometimes be smaller than alternatives due to their shape, so they may not be as suited to large cats. It is advisable that you check the measurements of both your cat and the pet bed before purchasing, to ensure that your cat will fit without any discomfort.

Best Types:

1. Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed

For the ultimate snug cat cave, look no further than the Pet Magasin bed. This option is made from luxurious and soft materials such as faux fur and microfiber, making it comfortable and easy to clean by hand. The bed can also be configured in 4 different ways, making it totally adaptable to your cat’s preferences!

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2. Buster & Beau Oslo Cat Pod

A sleek and minimal design, this cat cave looks great around the house and provides your cat with everything they need and more. The top is removable yet is sturdy enough to withstand your cat jumping on it. It also comes with a padded sheepskin interior for ultimate luxury and comfort.

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Heated Cat Beds

If you want something a bit more luxurious for your pet, then we recommend investing in a heated cat bed.

There are a couple of different options to choose from if this is the direction you want to go in: electric-heated, self-heated, or microwaveable pad beds. Each type comes with its own unique benefits, and the choice will come down to personal preference.

An electric-heated bed uses a small electric heater in order to warm up, whilst a self-warming bed uses the cat’s own body warmth to heat up. Microwaveable pads can be warmed up and stay hot for a number of hours, and are great at keeping your pet warm when placed underneath a blanket or cushion.

A heated cat bed is an ideal choice if your home gets chilly and you want your cat to stay comfortable through the night, even in the winter months. Additionally, older cats tend to prefer heated beds because they can help to relieve the symptoms of conditions like arthritis and general joint pain.

Best Types:

1. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

The RIOGOO heating pad is perfect for keeping your cat cosy and warm, even in the winter months. It can be particularly beneficial to older cats, cats recovering from injury or illness, or pregnant cats. It can be used in your cat beds safely and is completely adjustable via its settings.

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2. K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

If you and your cat are after something more all-in-one than a heated pad, then the K&H Thermo-Kitty cat bed is for you. The heating in it heats the bed up by 10-15 degrees maximum and comes with a range of settings for your use. The heater is also removable, and the covers are machine washable, making it both versatile and easy to use.

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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Cat Bed

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for the best cat bed for your kitty.


Everyone works to different budgets; some may want to splash the cash for their kitty, while others want to treat their cat without breaking the bank.

It is possible to find a great bed for your cat for a low price and still make sure it is good quality, durable, and comfortable. Prices can range anywhere from £10 to well over £100, so the amount you want to spend all comes down to personal choice.

It is advisable not to go for the first budget option that you see, but rather to shop around and find one that suits your cat’s needs.


One of the most important things for cat owners to consider when purchasing any pet bed is the material that it is made from.

The material you require will change depending on your budget and priorities, but you should always try to make sure that the materials used are high-quality. Premium materials mean that the bed will last longer and be able to endure more wear-and-tear from the cat and the general environment.

Another good choice is using a material that is non-looped to minimise the chances that your cat’s claws will get caught in it.

In general, a luxury cat bed will be made with high-quality materials, but it is more than possible to find a premium bed for a lower price if you are working to a tight budget.


Of course, the size of the bed that you choose for your cat will depend on how big your cat is. The ideal cat bed should be large enough to fit your kitty in, with a few extra inches to spare so that they can stretch out and not feel claustrophobic.

However, choose a bed too big and your cat will not have that feeling of snugness that is so important in helping them feel secure and comfortable.


No matter what type of cat bed you decide to invest in, you are going to want it to be easy to keep clean. Like any other bed, cat beds get dirty with use and keeping them clean is important for your pet’s comfort, and for hygiene reasons.

If you have a cat, you will know that their hair sheds everywhere – and we mean everywhere! Imagine the amount of hair that will fall out into their bed, and you will realise the importance of having a cat bed that can be washed without too much difficulty.

The best beds will be machine washable and come with removable cushions and covers. Alternatively, the bed will be made with materials that do not stain easily and that can be hand-washed.


Cats are wild animals at heart and love climbing up high to watch potential prey and keep safe. Of course, the chances of them pouncing down on anything in your home is unlikely, but it can still be a good idea to provide them with a bed that has a bit of height.

If your cat enjoys cat trees and roaming around the garden, then the chances are that they’ll appreciate a bed that is raised off the floor. Both window beds and radiator beds are higher up than your average cat bed, so be sure to check those out.

For some cats, however, a bed off the ground or high up will not be appropriate. For example, if your kitty is a bit older or has joint problems such as arthritis, then the energy required to jump up onto the bed could be uncomfortable and even painful for them.

Key Things to Remember When Looking to Buy a Cat Bed

Avoid Decorations

Though they may look nice, needless decorations such as beads, sequins, or tassels can be a nuisance and a potential health hazard for your pet.

If your cat chokes on decorations, they could end up in serious danger and could require a trip to the vets. To prevent this from happening it is best to keep your cat bed design fairly minimal, both for you and your cat’s sake.

What’s more, excessive decoration will most likely end up in tatters from your cat clawing and gnawing at it, so save yourself the time and money by opting for simplicity!

Observe Your Cat

When looking to buy a cat bed, the best thing you can do in order to avoid purchasing something that your pet will not use is to observe their behaviour. By doing this, you will be able to figure out what your cat likes and dislikes.

Try noticing where they go to relax or to sleep, which objects in the house they gravitate towards, whether they are shy or bold, and if they like to be up high or on the ground.

If you do not know these things about your cat then you could end up with a cat bed they will never use. For example, if your cat likes to be on raised surfaces and you buy them a doughnut bed, the chances are that it will go to waste and they would have preferred a window or radiator bed.

Beginners Guide to Getting Your Cat to Use Their New Bed

So, you’ve got your pet a brand new bed, but don’t know how to convince them to use it. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best tips and tricks to make your job simpler and help you to get them acquainted with their bed quickly and easily!

Get Them Comfy

Oftentimes, cats will have attachments to their old bed, no matter how wrecked it is. To guide them towards their new bed, try putting it in a place around the home where they feel most comfortable. This may be where the old bed was, near a warm spot like the radiator, or in a cosy and quiet corner.

If your cat is having issues familiarising itself with the bed, try and make it feel more like home to them.

A great way of doing this is to put their favourite toys, cushions, or blankets in or near the bed. Whilst this is not a fail-safe method, it can work wonders in making your cat feel more comfortable around the unknown object.

Give Your Cat Time

Perhaps the most important thing is to be patient with your cat when trying to get them used to their new bed. It is natural for them to be hesitant at first and take a while to choose their new bed over the old one.

The worst thing you can do for your pet is to force them to use the bed you bought for them – rather than their old familiar spot. Doing this can make them associate the bed with anxiety or stress, and can lead to them refusing to use it at all.

If your cat is beginning to use their bed and you want to make sure the habit sticks, why not try rewarding them with a treat, toy, or catnip each time they use it? This is a great way of getting them to associate the cat bed with something positive, and means they will be more likely to frequently use it.

The Overall Best Option For Each Cat Bed:

1. Doughnut bed: LONTG Calming Cat Bed

2. Radiator bed: Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

3. Window bed: K&H EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod

4. Cat cave: Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed

5. Heated bed: K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed


1. Do cats sleep in beds?

If you’re a cat lover and owner, you will know that cats love their sleep. In fact, reports have shown that most household cats sleep for an average of 16 hours a day.

Therefore, making sure that your kitty has a comfortable and cosy cat bed is really important for their happiness and general well-being.

Beds are essential relaxation spots for your cat to turn to when they get stressed. If they do not feel like they have that safe spot, there is a risk that they will start to exhibit problematic behaviours, such as urinating in bad places and becoming more aggressive with other cats or with their owners.

If you notice that your cat is not using its bed, the chances are that this is because it is causing them discomfort, in which case we recommend figuring out their needs and finding them a new place to sleep in the form of a comfy pet bed!

2. Which is the best cat bed?

There is no single best cat bed out there, as each kitty has its own needs, as will you!

However, there are a few requirements that every pet bed should meet before you consider purchasing.

Firstly, and most importantly, the best cat beds should make your cat feel completely relaxed, safe, and comfortable.

Without this, they will not use it and it could cause them discomfort. This may mean choosing a bed with a snug memory foam interior, or going for an enclosed cave bed so they can enjoy their privacy and feel secure.

On top of this, the best beds will either be machine washable or easy to keep clean by hand. Having a bed which is made of materials that stain, rip, or cannot be cleaned easily will lead to poor hygiene for your cat and can cause them discomfort over time as fleas, hair, and even urine build up.

Ultimately, the right cat bed will come down to what your kitty likes, which is why we’ve put together our pick of each type of bed out there right now. Check out our guide above if you want to know the kinds of beds cats love and where to find them!

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